We are a professional service provider

Command I.T. Services has been in business serving customers for over 18 years. Our dedication and focus has always been on providing excellent service,
delivering highly professional and technically adept best practice ICT services. Why? Because we have the people, passion, experience and capabilities.


We believe in the people and businesses that we service.
Providing great service and solutions that meet customer’s needs in a cost effective manner is why we do what we do.

Bryan Buzzard

Managing Director

Rebecca Coyne

Finance & Administration Manager

Kevin Thomas

IT Operations Manager

Our History

Perth Office Opening Command I.T. founded

Bryan Buzzard founded the business in 2002 and continue to work hard to ensure that customer expectations are met, whilst delivering first rate technical outcomes.

Karratha Office Opening

Expansion of our quality IT services focusing on Karratha and the wider Pilbara region customers. Command I.T. has the largest Pilbara local residential IT technician workforce. Assurance there will be qualified support person available for our customer business. We do everything in our power to provide excellent, quality service by responding quickly and enthusiastically.


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