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Secure Or NOT Secure?

For a business website, this doesn’t look very professional to have your website labelled as ‘Not secure’. Even though your website isn’t collecting sensitive information, the fact that you have an HTTPS site and visitors can see the little padlock in their browser gives them comfort. And that translates to confidence and trust in your company. If you see a little padlock in the address bar of your web browser, that means you’re visiting a secure website.

What Is Encryption?

The encryption within HTTPS is intended to provide benefits like confidentiality, integrity and identity. Your information remains confidential from prying eyes because only your browser and the server can decrypt the traffic. Integrity protects the data from being modified without your knowledge.


We encourage all business owners to enable SSL on their websites.  If you would like Command IT to install SSL certificate on your domain and migrate your website to https, fill out the form below.